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Happiness comes from within, beyond the team

On June 24, 2017, tongrun electric appliance and switching group branch organized the activities of jiangxiang village. This activity is changshu city federation of trade unions "training enterprise" one of the contents of the "construction of team cohesion," through this opportunity, we switch the employees to participate, contributed to this activity.

Extraordinarily good jiang village of air after the rain, we are expanding began warming up activities under the guidance of the coach, or between two young employees not familiar with, through the battle of "queen bee" massage "parties" "spring" the autumn passed; the "opportunities and challenges" warm-up activity, such as, everybody also gradually opened up, a smile reflected in each individual face, for the rest of the team building laid the foundation.

Because our number is more, in the construction of the team, we were divided into 4 groups, under the guidance of the coach, we work together to complete the team leader selection, team name, team training, the concept of the flag, formed a warm team atmosphere, everyone has a strong sense of team honor. In the rest of the team PK, each team through the training for a very short time, the tacit understanding degree, team cooperation ability is improving fast, on the passion of the 150 project PK, we have a team in 1 minute all to reach their goals, more than any other team, let us is really envy!

In everyone laugh transit instantly in the morning, at noon to eat listen to coach said that we are about to enter "magic" kitchen, wow, it is performance determines the ingredients you lunch in the morning, were going to steal food, buried pot, cooking! At this time, I find that everyone is not very "modest", and the good food is sufficient, our backward team can also eat the rice. Get the food, wash, cut, "the people" also began to split wood, fire, fire, the various teams began the invisible contest. At this time "youth" a brief has played a tremendous role, they are in an orderly way of dishes, cooking, 2 great pot are extremely reasonable allocation, a pot stewed chicken, braised pig feet, kettle open all kinds of patterns for a while. In front of each teams smoky cauldron, we are sweating, cuddly "young and middle-aged", and "young people" are consciously handing out dishes and secretly studying art. Soon, each team cooked a dozen courses, and their own cooking was delicious!

In the afternoon, the "real CS field", which the boys most expect, although the sun and the grass are a lot of mosquitos, they still feel that the time is very short, but they still dont. Under the direction of the coach, we also carried out activities such as rowing competition and team breathing machine. The whole activity was so compact and happy that the coach said lets go back to "18" on this day, and I think its really up to it to watch everyone laugh.

Its hard to take a day off to relax, and I know that when you get back to work, youre going to have to keep busy. But please dont forget we are in this short a day to build up the emotional and team cooperation spirit, in their respective positions we should also like the outreach activities, unity of our working partners, views, finally agree, pleasant and efficient to complete our task. Keep a positive attitude in your work and life and go ahead!

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