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2016 national work conference on low voltage electrical standard council was held in changshu

On October 20, 2016-21, national low-voltage electrical standard committee (SAC/TC189) was held in changshu days international hotel standard council conference and standard panel. To attend the meeting with the competent standardization department leadership, standard council secretary responsibility in leadership, the standard council member and representative, etc. Torin company (hereafter called sacsc) as the low standard of cfna attended the conference committee member units.

China quality certification center product five Chen Xin JiHuiYu director, electrical branch director, Shanghai electric appliance science research institute, senior advisor He Ruihua and other leaders attended the meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by national low-voltage electrical standard council secretary general JiHuiYu.

Chen Xin director emphasized the mandatory standard strict limitation in the protection of personal health and life and property security, national security, the scope of the ecological environment, the market main body must strictly carry out compulsory standards, market regulators should according to the compulsory standards strict supervision and law enforcement; Emphasized the process of standardization, and once again stressed the importance of standards in the process of product certification and technical support. Chen, director of "made in China 2025" are introduced, and in promoting the integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology development at the same time, focus on the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, intelligent advance production process, foster the new mode of production, improve enterprise comprehensive research and development, production, management and service of intelligent level.

JiHuiYu secretary reporting to the general assembly the standard council work report this year, the IEC dynamic report, involved in the IEC and 2017 standardization work key, to tell you on the new standard system construction, improve standardization technical committee management mode and intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization system construction and the latest information, emphasize the standard council in the help of micro, small and medium enterprises should be standard service, in the field of new materials, new technology to continuously explore to adapt to the development needs of the new situation.

After plenary meeting, organization committee and the committee that representative meeting standard SongShenGao submitted for the review and discussion, including four line 1 national standard and energy administration. Review could eventually formed the audit opinion, obtained the standard council members and representatives unanimously, entered the stage of approval draft for the standard would be ready to take.

The standard council conference and standard panel also has carried on the communication to work in the field of low voltage apparatus and discussed. Torin switch to actively participate in standardization construction, timely understand and grasp, and standard dynamic industry, earnestly fulfill their obligation to standard council and is conducive to improve enterprise technical ability and standard management level.

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