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Gold medal team leader training activities
On July 23, 2016, changshu torin company (hereafter called sacsc) organize activities of the gold medal team leader training, the training organized by changshu human resources training guidance center, macro into education training center to undertake. To participate in training the team leader, a total of 80 people, the main purpose of this training is to make the team leader in daily management ideas, the clear process, gradually standardized, according to the method of the four phases of work instruction work step by step. Team leader itself as the direct participants of production line, the first thing to have skilled technical skills, familiar with the shift of every production process, at the same time also lead the team with high quality and efficiency to complete production tasks. Team leader as the most grass-roots enterprise management personnel, in his own, ensure that team at the same time, the unity of a good team member, in the process of enterprise production, like plays an important role. On to understand the companys each rules and regulations and the production task deployment, ensure the task is completed, there are difficult to take the initiative to think of some way to solve, cant solve the problem timely feedback; Expectations of next to understand team staff, work arrangement is clear, fair treatment of each employee, care for every team member. So said the team leader of the comprehensive quality of high and low directly affect the shift of the production efficiency.

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